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Teach your 3rd grade child about the life of Jesus, including his time as a child. The colorful, consumable LIFEPAC 3rd Grade Bible (KJV) Unit 2 Worktext will take your child through the days surrounding Jesus' birth, the time He spent in the temple, His healing ministry, His death on the cross, and how He lives again.

ISBN#: 9780867171228

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What was Jesus like as a child? Did He ever make His parents worry? What did He do when He grew up? Why did He have to die on the cross? If questions like these intrigue you, or your child, then read on! Alpha Omega Publications has developed a brightly colored worktext that will help you teach your child all about Jesus. By the time your child finishes the LIFEPAC 3rd Grade Bible Unit 2, the answers to his questions about Jesus will be clear. This second in a series of ten 3rd grade Bible worktexts covers Mary and Joseph before Jesus' birth, Jesus' visit to the temple as a young boy, His teaching and healing ministry as an adult, and His death and resurrection. Your child will have a firm understanding of Jesus' life on earth upon completion of this worktext! In addition, don't overlook the child-friendly design! Unlike textbooks, this slim worktext is only forty-six pages long. Designed to be completed in three to four weeks, your homeschooling child will enjoy learning all about Jesus. Activities such as matching, fill-in-the-blank, sequencing, puzzles, and mazes will keep your third grade child turning the pages to learn more about Jesus. Order your copy of LIFEPAC 3rd Grade Bible Unit 2 Worktext and watch your child grow in wisdom, just like Jesus!


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