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How do you teach your child to write reports? Good outlines help. Train your child to develop effective outlines and write well with the LIFEPAC 5th Grade Language Arts Unit 4 Worktext. Lessons in this Alpha Omega curriculum cover outlining, the four types of sentences, metaphors, similes, and writing reports. Tests are included.

ISBN#: 9780867173444

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What can help your fifth grader learn to write well? For one thing–a good outline! Depend on the LIFEPAC 5th Grade Language Arts Unit 4 Worktext from Alpha Omega Publications for good writing tips. It will teach your child how to develop effective outlines that make the job of writing easier. This easy-to-follow, print-based worktext also identifies the four types of sentences, shows how to write a report, and covers metaphors and similes. Fourth in a series of ten worktexts that make learning language arts fun and easy, this slim, non-bulky worktext only takes three to four weeks to complete. But there's more. Would you love to see your fifth grader develop the confidence to learn independently? He can with the LIFEPAC 5th Grade Language Arts Unit 4 Worktext. Just how does this work? LIFEPAC uses the confidence-building principle of mastery learning. Students master the content and skills of one unit before progressing to the next. It is accomplished with clear explanations, review questions, fun activities, and creative projects. Plus, self tests and a teacher-administered unit test indicate the level of your child's comprehension of this curriculum. So, teach language arts with creative know how. Get the LIFEPAC 5th Grade Language Arts Unit 4 Worktext. Don't delay! Order it now!


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