Breaking the Barrier French Level 2 Online Access

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Breaking the Barrier Homeschool Package

Grades 7-12

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The award-winning Breaking the Barrier world language series gives learners a rock-solid understanding of language fundamentals and cultural insights through engaging, multisensory content. The series expertly presents vocabulary and grammar through history, popular culture, and current events to build knowledge and language fluency.

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Product Details

Each level of the Breaking the Barrier curriculum is designed for one nine-month academic year and features twelve sections or chapters, with an additional “First Steps” section included in each of the beginning levels. Each lesson throughout all levels of the curriculum follows a consistent and proven methodology.


  • Embedded audio & videos

  • Interactive exercises

  • Immediate answers to questions & responsive flash cards with sound files

  • Cultural articles

  • Beautiful pictures of sites of interest & notable people from French speaking countries


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