Java Programming: AP Annual Subscription

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CompuScholar, Inc. (formerly:Homeschool Programming, Inc.)

Grades 9-12

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CompuScholar's online delivery system features fully integrated instructional videos, an auto-grading feature for lesson quizzes and chapter tests, an electronic gradebook, teacher notes for every lesson, and other user-friendly features!

Product Details

The CompuScholar Java Programming course can be flexibly used to teach introductory Java programming classes or to prepare students for the AP Computer Science A exam. Students can seamlessly shift between instructional videos and lesson text to suit their learning styles. Fun, hands-on programming labs allow students to quickly see concrete results.

This course is on College Board recommended list for the AP CS A exam.


  • Fully auto-graded, including student projects zero teacher/parent effort

  • No software installation; students use an in-browser Java engine from any device

  • 25+ chapters containing one or more hands-on coding programming lab

  • Multi-media content such as full color text, animated / narrated instructional videos

  • Course planner that covers all required exam topics
Course Syllabus
Minimum Requirements


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