Corona Virus Home Education Solutions

Where can I get my coronavirus questions answered?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization websites offer up to date and accurate information on coronavirus. The following links contain helpful information:

I am concerned about my child contracting coronavirus at school. How can I keep them safe?

Encourage your child to develop healthy habits like frequent hand washing. Provide them with hand sanitizer for times when soap and water may not be available. Check-in with your child's school administrators and teachers to learn what policies and best practices they have in place for student safety.
Ultimately, if you do not feel your child's school is providing a safe environment, you may choose to home educate until you are comfortable with your child returning to school.

My child's school closed due to coronavirus. What can I do to keep them on track?

The first thing to do is to check in with your child's teacher and see what support is available to you to continue educating your child at home. You can also find support resources and curriculum from homeschooling groups like Homeschool Buyers Club.

Where can I find the resources I need to home educate my child?

The best place to find resources to home educates your child is from homeschooling communities and organizations. Homeschool Buyers Club can connect you with curriculum, resources, and community to support you as you ensure your child's education stays on track through the outbreak and beyond.

How can I support my child to continue to learn through school closures?

As your child's parent, you are already a huge part of your child's education experience.

  • Get your tools in order! You wouldn't build a house without a hammer; you can't teach a child without excellent curriculum. Find a resource that offers vetted and affordable options.
  • Make learning fun! Explore hands-on and game-based curriculum to bring joy to learning!
  • Encourage a dialogue with your child about their education wants and needs. They may have some valuable insights into how they best learn and what their interests are.
  • Remember, you are the best teacher your child has. They have been learning from you from the day they were born. You are amazing, and you are going to do an incredible job.

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