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Do STEM with Ms.Dandy (SaiGuru LLC)

Grades K-5

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STEAM PARTY is a comprehensive coding enrichment program with a mission to make STEM a fun part of kids' everyday lives. Ms.Dandy does this by weaving classical stories with ELA, Coding, Engineering, Art, Science, and Mathematics, while laying emphasis on computational thinking to nurture young problem solvers.

Product Details

STEAM PARTY is an integrated, hands-on program that helps kids see the interconnectedness between Coding, Science, Math, and Art. Using a classical folk tale, STEAM PARTY has lessons and activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Problem Solving, Math, ELA, and Art to create a strong foundation in computational thinking and an early childhood passion for STEM.

Your young learner will get the following (and more!) from the STEAM PARTY:

  • Excel in COMPUTATIONAL thinking.
  • Understand that Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math are all connected concepts.
  • Rapidly gain STEAM content knowledge through story telling.
  • Learn how to create their own projects in Scratch Jr.
  • Boost their confidence to solve STEM problems on their own.


  • Mod 1: Story Time which includes digital picture book + Code +ELA + SEL (Video and Pdfs)
  • Mod 2: Technology which is 15+ Scratch Jr Video Lessons
  • Mod 3: Problem solving using Pattern Recognition (Videos and Pdfs)
  • Bonus: Math lesson- Solve 42 picture story problems (Pdfs)
  • Bonus: Science lesson- Questioning using Hypothesis (Videos and Pdfs)
  • Bonus: Engineering lessons- Construct the strongest house (Videos and Pdfs)
  • Party favors: Facebook Support Group


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