Earth and Life Science Complete Online Course

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Dynamic Earth Learning

Grades 6-12

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Dynamic Earth Learning provides easy access to to a complete Earth and Life Science course that keeps kids and teens interested in the world around us. Engage with science and sustainability topics that extend beyond the science lessons commonly taught today.

With the Earth and Life Science Complete Online Course, enjoy all of Dynamic Earth Learning's content in a one-year subscription.

Product Details

Dynamic Earth Learning's Earth and Life Science Complete Online Course includes 37 chapters and is designed for either a semester science credit with low parental involvement or a full-year course with parental involvement. This course introduces students to a variety of exciting environmental, sustainability, and life science topics!

Course Features:

  • Auto-grading quizzes and easy-to-follow format
  • Essential questions and learning targets
  • Pre-learning & reflection questions for deep engagement
  • Engaging graphics and videos
  • Web extensions for added exploration
  • Chapter Titles


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