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Grades 6-12

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Do you have a teenager or young adult who is looking for help with a job search? eTrac® offers online vocational training designed to teach job search skills to students struggling to overcome barriers to employment, such as disabilities, gaps in employment history, or mental health challenges.

Students not only learn the steps for a successful job search but also how to successfully keep a job.

Product Details

eTrac® focuses on the unique job search challenges encountered by students with intellectual disabilities, autism, mental health and other employment barriers. Course content is fully narrated, animated, and is presented in accessible and easy-to-understand language. Learning is reinforced through fun, engaging videos, simulations, interactive exercises, quizzes, exams and a variety of practical opportunities to apply what is learned.


  • Over 15 hours of online curriculum featuring six self paced courses.
  • Animation/video based instruction
  • Interactive Exercises and Simulations
  • Practice assignments
  • Grades and Pre- and Post- Assessments tracked automatically in Moodle.
  • Easily customized design to meet the specific needs of your learner.

eTrac® contains six courses:

  • Course 1: Exploring a Career

  • Course 2: Filling Out the Paperwork

  • Course 3: Starting Your Job Search

  • Course 4: Interviewing for a Job

  • Course 5: Evaluating and Accepting a Job Offer

  • Course 6: Keeping a Job

eTrac’s® modular design makes it easy to customize training sessions to meet the specific needs of individual learners. Here are a few examples of the way that a blended learning approach can benefit learners with different skills and abilities.

Customized Learning Approaches


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