Homeschool Yo Kids Expo

Homeschool Yo Kids Expo
Event Title:Homeschool Yo Kids Expo
Start Date:06-01-2023
End Date:06-03-2023
About the Event:Encouraging, Educating, & Guiding Families to on their path of Home Learning. It's all about creating the Home Learning journey that works for your family spiritually, mentally, and physically.
About the Sponsor:I'm the developer of the app, Homeschool Yo Kids, and the organizer of the Homeschool Yo Kids Expo. I love talking to individuals about how amazing they are. I love showing the importance of healing, growing, and learning. I love helping parents gain confidence in their home learning journey. I love showing individuals all that they possess when they just tap into themselves and learn to trust the process.
Location:Renaissance Glendale Hotel & Spa
Address:9495 W. Coyotes Boulevard
Zip/Postal Code:85305
For More Info:Visit Website