Experiments & Activities for National Chemistry Week

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Resource:Experiments & Activities for National Chemistry Week
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National Chemistry Week takes place next week, October 18-24, and the American Chemical Society provides all kinds of free, fun ways to celebrate chemistry at their website. (Get a head start on the fun!)
Description:When you get to the site you'll see information about the event in the center of the page. To Get right to the activities look for the grey box with the title, "Celebrate Chemistry - It's Elemental!" There, you'll find:

*Celebrating Chemistry - A free, 12-page activity book with chemistry info and fun suggestions for "Element Scavenger Hunts,""Sunshine Science,""Iodine Investigations," and more!

*Dynamic Periodic Table - Get a free, interactive Periodic Table of Elements available in 34 languages!

*Chemdoku - Play a chemistry-themed logic game.

Then, look in the far, right column on the home page to find a link to the "Bytesize Science Series" - where you can listen to podcasts of intriguing stories about scientific discoveries in the fields of medicine, food, clothing and other everyday things that are impacted by chemistry.

Want more? Just click on "Students & Educators" in the menu on the left side of the screen. A new page opens. Look for "Student Activities & Resources" to access an array of fun games and experiments. Don't miss "Activities for Children" that leads to:

Science for Kids - Here's the direct link:


There, you'll be able to access a wealth of experiments you can do at home to help your children learn including:

*Chemical & Physical Challenge - Discover acids and bases, chemical reactions, dissolving, and slime and goo.

*Characteristics of Materials - Make crystals, explore density, learn about magnets, and examine polymers.

*Solids, Liquids & Gases - Learn about the states of matter and experiment with air, bubbles, gases, and water.

*Motion & Energy - Explore electricity, motion, sound and light.

*Planet Earth - Find out how volcanoes and caves are formed.

*Your Body - Discover what chemicals make up the human body.

*Art & Toys - Enjoy doing fun activities that help you learn while you play.

*What Chemists Do - Meet some chemists and find out how they solve everyday problems with chemistry.

Note: In 2008, National Chemistry Week offered a series of free chemistry activities themed around sports. You'll find them here:


Finally, for accelerated students and high schoolers who are into chemistry, I have another website suggestion recommended by ClickScholar Allyson. It's the Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative with free open courses in Chemistry - including a virtual lab. You'll find the details here:


By the way, don't miss the array of free courses for high school and beyond on the main page here:


Happy Chemistry Week!
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