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Resource:Activity TV - Visual & Performing Arts for Kids
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Summary:Age Range: 4-14 (with parental participation and supervision) ClickScholar Cie recommended this website that offers free video instruction in visual and performing arts designed just for kids and their parents. As mentioned at the website, "Creating or learning something together can be a positive rewarding experience for both of you."
Description:When you get to the site you'll see some featured activities. Use the icon menu at the top of the screen, or the item menu at the bottom of the home page to select from a variety of creative activities that include:

*Cartooning - Find out how to turn numbers, letters, and simple shapes into wacky cartoons.

*Jewelry - Discover how to make jewelry out of cereal, beads, safety pins and more.

*Music - Learn how to make musical instruments with ordinary household items.

*Magic - Get instruction on how to amaze your friends with easy sleight-of-hand magic tricks.

*Dance - Enjoy video lessons in everything from Hip Hop to Hula.

*Family Gifts - Make fun gifts for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions out of things you'll find around the house.

*Cooking - Whip up a batch of soft pretzels, scones, or latkes.

You'll also find video lessons on Crafts, Cheerleading, Juggling, Origami, Paper Airplanes, Puppets, Room Projects, Science Experiments, and Seasonal Activities.

There are activities for beginners to experts. Each project includes an engaging video tutorial and printable instructions.

(Note: The site intends to eventually sell kits that contain all of key materials needed to complete the activity.)
This is a terrific resource (and rainy-day "go to" site). Bookmark it, to return often.

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