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Resource:Alexander Palace Time Machine
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Summary:Age Range: 11-18 (Grades 6-12, with parental supervision). This website is the largest website dedicated to Romanov and Russian history and offers visitors an extensive look into the world of the Alexander Palace.
Description:When arriving at this website, use the “Palace Tour” navigation list to view the various rooms of the palace. Select destinations from the following main categories:
  • Gala Parade Halls
  • Restoration of the Palace
  • Rooms of Alexandra
  • Rooms of Nicholas II
  • The Children’s Floor
  • Rooms of the Right Wing
  • Palace Park
  • The Imperial Garage
  • Imperial Dining
  • Plans, Maps and Churches
  • Imperial Yacht Standart
Each room within a category includes mostly black and white images along with detailed information text about the location. Some locations include self-navigating slide shows of even more images.

While visiting this website you may also wish to check out the other available resources such as:
  • Palace Archives – includes historical information, samples of diaries and letters from and to the royals, travel guides, Romanov archives and more
  • Personalities – read eyewitness accounts and biographies, learn about palace personalities, holidays and celebrations, and more
  • Resources – check out the Fabergé eggs, read online books, view or listen to films and music, visit other recommended links
Before leaving, be sure to view the “Time Machine Photo Tours” to see even more of the palace in the following slide shows:
  • Alexander Palace Façade Pictures
  • Alexander Palace Interiors Today
  • Photos of the Exterior of the Palace
  • The Feodorovsky Cathedral and Village
  • Last Resting Place of the Imperial Family
  • The Cameron Gallery
  • Alexander Palace In Winter
  • The Arsenal in the Park
There is so much to see and learn about Romanov and Russian history and about the Alexander Palace at this website, that you may want to bookmark this website to come back to time and time again.
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