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Summary:Age Range: All (All grades; children with parental supervision). The suffix "ology" refers to the study or a particular field or academic discipline. At this website sponsored by the American Museum of Natural History you can explore archaeology, marine biology, paleontology, and other fields of science such as genetics, astronomy, biodiversity, earth science, physics and more!
Description:When you get to the site, you may be overwhelmed with all of the fun choices. Explore some of the following fields of science:
  • Archaeology - See if you can find the lost Spanish mission.

  • Astronomy - Go on a solar system scavenger hunt.

  • Biodiversity - Play a game to learn about the plants and animals in an African rain forest.

  • Earth - Grow rock candy and meet some geologists.

  • Genetics - Become a DNA detective or take a mystery photo challenge.

  • Marine Biology - Journey to deep sea vents.

  • Paleontology - Meet T. Rex and the strange members of his family tree.

  • Physics - Learn more about Albert Einstein.

  • Water - Solve story puzzles to find out how things live in the Arctic.
And more!

You can also explore by activity: games, stories, hands-on activities and videos. There are many engaging educational games and activities on this site to bring out the "Ologist" in you!

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