Bays Mountain Park

The Visiting Info shown below, if any, is always subject to change. Please check the facility's website for the latest information before making a trip.

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Facility:Bays Mountain Park
Description:Located in beautiful Kingsport, Tennessee, this 3500 acre nature preserve features a 44 acre lake, Nature Center, Farmstead Museum, and a spectacular Planetarium Theater with a 40 foot diameter dome. The park programs are an integral part of the curriculum of local school children, and in recent years the park has assumed regional importance, with students from 33 counties in 5 states currently attending.
Address 1:853 Bays Mountain Park Rd.
Address 2:
Zip Code:37660
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Hours:The Park is open throughout the year. We are closed only on New Year's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Occasionally, the Park is closed because of hazardous conditions (icy roads, mostly). During snowy weather, please call ahead for Park conditions.

Check the website for seasonal hours of operation.
Telephone:(423) 229-9447
Website:Visit Website
E. Renicks, Co-op Member
This is a favorite destination when we are in Kingsport. The hiking is great and there is plenty for outdoor adventurers to enjoy. But the real draw for our family is the animals and the planetarium. We enjoy seeing the wolves, owls, turtles and other animals that are in the center. And the planetarium show is the best we have seen. It is both inspiring and educational.

If you have a history fan in your family, don't miss visiting the log cabin containing all sorts of farm implements and period items that show what life was like in more pioneer days.

There is really something for everyone at Bays Mountain. Parking is easy, and trails and information is clearly marked.
A. Brooks, Co-op Member
We live in Kingsport and we never get tired of going to Bays Mountain Park. We love the Planetarium shows and walking around looking at the animals. Bring a picnic lunch and stay all day. You will not regret it.. Beautiful views.....
Sophi W., Co-op Member
Bays Mountain is one of our favorite parks in the area. We love to hike around the lake to explore the ways the mountain changes through the seasons. Right now, park volunteers are acclimating the new wolf pups before they are introduced to their new pack. This has been an extremely exciting summer nature watch for my 9yo. She loves going to visit the wolves!

After we go hiking, we love to take a break by attending one of the barge rides. There is always something new to see and to learn on the ride. We have found bass fish nests, examined beaver lodges, learned about the very unusual pond lilies that grow in the lake, and seen rare freshwater jellyfish over the years.

The planetarium is also a family favorite. The park offers a primary show and an alternate show, which is usually a presentation of interesting things going on in the local night sky at the time. We go to see each new show and often attend the alternate show, as well, and then go out that night to view the stars ourselves. It is a great way to reinforce a knowledge of the heavens.

The nature programs are always interesting. The family favorite is the wolf feeding, but we also enjoy the wildflower hikes in the spring and the tree hikes in the summer. The naturalists are very friendly and all of them are really good with kids.

Admission is free with a military ID, but we also maintain a family membership because we want to support the park. This is the only city-owned nature preserve in the United States, and it is well worth the time to visit.
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