Virtual Field Trip to Great Wall of China & More

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Resource:Virtual Field Trip to Great Wall of China & More
Provider:Beijing Guide: Great Wall of China
Summary:Because The Summer Olympics are taking place in China, these sites might be of interest
Description:As always, parents should preview the sites before sharing them with their children...

Recommended Websites:
Beijing Guide: Great Wall of China

Age Range: 5+ (with parental supervision)

This commercial travel website offers a free, 360-degree, panoramic virtual tour of The Great Wall of China. When you get to the site, the panoramic tour of The Great Wall will begin at the top of the screen. Place your cursor on the screen as the picture moves to reveal messages that say, "Go up this way,""Walk to the next tower," and "Look at the Great Wall in black and white." Click on those messages and it takes you to another portion of the virtual tour. There is some brief historical information on the site - but not much. You'll find more about the history of the Great Wall at the following website...

Discovery Channel: Great Wall Revealed

The Discovery Channel offers a free, 2 1/2-minute clip of their video, "China: The Great Wall Revealed" that provides some interesting historical information that will appeal to students ages 10+. Of course, you can purchase the full DVD at this site, or try to find it at a video store or library.

Further resources about China...

Chinese History for Beginners

This site offers a very simple, condensed history of China for beginners. It provides just enough textual information to whet your appetite for further exploration. A springboard for independent readers ages 11 and up.

Chinese History Timeline

This site provides a simple, interactive timeline of the various Chinese dynasties and republics. This will be of more interest to students 10 and up.

China The Beautiful

JACKPOT! This website is a goldmine of classical Chinese art, calligraphy, stories/parables, poetry, history (Silk Road), literature, language (learn to speak Chinese), science, music, dragons, emperors, and much, much more! Different aspects of this site will appeal to a variety of ages. Note: I didn't get to explore every facet of this website, so as always, parents should preview to determine suitability of content for their own children.
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