Science with Butterflies - Get Free Butterfly Eggs

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Resource:Science with Butterflies - Get Free Butterfly Eggs
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A Maryland ClickScholar suggested this website that is a companion to the family owned and operated Shady Oak Butterfly Farm in Florida. The owners raise a variety of butterflies and educate people of all ages (and especially children and students) about butterflies
Description:When you get to the website, you'll find free educational information about butterflies accompanied by an incredible photo gallery that illustrates:

Raising Butterflies
Butterfly Identification
Butterfly Enemies
Butterfly Plants
Butterfly Gardening
And Much More!

Click on any topic on the menu and you will be richly rewarded with information and photographs that enhance the fascinating exhibits on the site. You can also subscribe to the free Butterfly & Moth Newsletter, and get updates about new pages that are added to the website.

BONUS: Click Here for Free Butterfly Eggs!

To encourage butterfly awareness and conservation and to inspire establishing butterfly habitats in yards and neighborhoods, Shady Oak Butterfly Farm will send you Free Butterfly Eggs! You simply pay for shipping via UPS or FedEx.

The eggs come with detailed instructions on the care and feeding of the eggs so they will hatch, grow into caterpillars, become chrysalises, and eventually emerge as butterflies. (You may need to purchase butterfly host plants to ensure your eggs thrive.) Simply click on the link above to order your free butterfly eggs.

Shady Oak Butterfly Farm is a commercial enterprise that sells butterfly eggs, butterfly caterpillar kits, and more at their butterfly store. However, you do not have to make a purchase (other than to pay for shipping) to get the free butterfly eggs.

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