Carrots as Fine Art & Much More

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Resource:Carrots as Fine Art & Much More
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Note: This site is for kids and adults. There are pages intended for more mature audiences. As always, parents should preview the site to determine suitability of content.
Carrots are a traditional vegetable at Thanksgiving feasts. Did you know you can learn just about every subject including fine art through carrots?
Description:At this fun, quirky, and fascinating website you'll learn to appreciate carrots not only as delicious and nutritious root vegetables - but as subjects in fine art and a tool for creating arts and crafts.

Not only that, you can explore the history of carrots and enjoy activities to learn science and other subjects with carrots.
When you get to the site, you'll land on the "Carrots Depicted in Fine Arts" page. Just scroll through the images of great artworks to see how artists from a variety of art periods and genres depict the carrot.

When you are through looking at the fine art, use the menu at the top of the page to explore:

*History - See a timeline of carrot history and how the carrot has been used as food and medicine.
*Today - Check out the varieties of carrots, carrots in science, carrot festivals, and more.
*Nutrition - Get the scoop on Vitamin A and how carrots help the human body. Try some carrot recipes.
*Fun - Enjoy carrot science experiments, crafts, a fun "Mr. Carrot Head" game and more.
*Trivia - Learn about carrots in literature and poetry and enjoy some carrot trivia.
*Oddities - Find out how to make a musical instrument out of a carrot and more.

Everything you ever wanted to know about carrots is delivered here in an informative and engaging way by a guy who obviously likes carrots and wants to share his passion for them with the world. Have fun!
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