Amazing Online Science Activities for All Ages

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Resource:Amazing Online Science Activities for All Ages
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Summary:Age Range: All (Grades Pre-K-12 and beyond with parental supervision.) The Center of Science and Industry in Ohio sponsors this website that is an extension of their museum and provides free educational activities in science, industry, health, and history.
Description:When you get to the site, you'll see an icon menu of online activities that include:

*Virtual Knee Surgery - Take on the role of a surgeon as you conduct knee replacement surgery.
*Open Heart - Learn about the anatomy of the heart, heart disease and heart surgery.
*Bet the Farm - Invest in a farm and try to make it as profitable as possible while dealing with inclement weather, insects, plant disease and market forces that conspire to ruin harvests and kill profits.
*Zoom: Travel To A Star - Travel near the speed of light to other areas of the galaxy and strange things happen to the passage of time!
*Simple Machines - Learn about levers, wedges and pulleys.
*Stop: Practice Stopping A Vehicle at Intersections - Pick a vehicle and practice safely stopping at or crossing busy intersections.

You'll also find out if you can parachute to safety from the stratosphere, jump over sharks on a water ski, and try your hand at a Tangram challenge!

Bookmark this site to explore all of these fun investigations in science!

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