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Resource:Early British Kingdoms For Kids
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Summary:Age Range: 10 and up (Approximately, with parental guidance. See link to the "Kids Version" for about ages 5-10 below.)

ClickScholar Theresa recommended this website that provides the history of the rise of Celtic nations and kingdoms (in what is now England and Scotland) after the end of the Roman occupation in the Dark Ages. When you get to the site you'll see a menu of topics including
Description:*Kingdoms - Learn the history and timeline of the early kingdoms and explore maps of the territories they occupied.

*Royalty - Meet the kings, queens, princes, and princesses.

*Arthur - A terrific account of King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, and the many engaging legends.

*Archaeology - See the ruins of ancient castles, abbeys, and churches and virtually examine artifacts.

*Saints - Read the biographies of Celtic saints, and learn about their gifts and sacrifices.

*Adversaries - Learn about ancient warring Celtic tribes.

Click on any one and a new page opens with a menu that allows you to explore the topic in depth through text, illustrations,
and pictures.

Now, just for youngsters, the site offers a Kids Page here:

Early British Kingdoms for Kids


Fun cartoon art illustrates the information that answers questions about
*The Dark Ages
*Why the Romans left Britain
*Britons, Saxons, Scots, and Picts
*King Arthur, the Sword in the Stone, and Arthurian legend
*Other Famous Kings
*Saints, Monks & Nuns
*Life in Farms, Villages, and Towns
*Christianity and Pagans
*Treasures ~ and much more!

You'll even find printable coloring pages!

This is a fun and interesting site to explore.

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