All of the History Websites You'll Ever Need

Reviewed by Diane Flynn Keith
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Resource:All of the History Websites You'll Ever Need
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Summary:Age Range: 5-18 (grades K-12, with parental supervision). This website maintains a free, massive archive of over 1,200 history websites as well as links to hundreds of quality K-12 history lesson plans, teacher guides, activities, games, quizzes, and more.
Description:When you get to this ad-supported site, you'll see an introduction. Use the menu on the left side of the home page to find history websites, lessons, and activities in the following major categories:

Ancient/Biblical History
Medieval History
American History
Early Modern Europe
Modern History
World War II History
Military History
History Today
Art History
Oral History
General Resources
Lesson Plans
Games and Animations

Click on any topic and a new page opens with a menu of links to websites in that category (many of which have been featured in ClickSchooling reviews in the past). Then click on the link of interest to explore the recommended website.

WARNING: PARENTS, AS ALWAYS, SHOULD PREVIEW AND SUPERVISE USE OF THIS SITE. Google ads are sprinkled throughout this website, and it would be possible to click on one in error and wind up at a website that might not meet with your approval. The links archived at the site take you to other sites that have history content, but they may also have ads or commentary that may not contain appropriate content.

As explained at the website:

"Best of History Web Sites aims to provide quick, convenient, and reliable access to the best history-oriented resources online in a wide range of categories...web sites that have been reviewed for quality, accuracy, and usefulness.

"Sites with engaging educational content and stimulating and useful multimedia technologies are most likely to be included in these pages. However, useful general resources and research-oriented sites have been included as well."

This is a well-organized educational resource tool that will assist your efforts in the study of history.
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