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Resource:Amazing Space
Provider:Formal Education Group of the Space Telescope Science Institute
Summary:Age Range: 5-18 (Grades K-12, with parental supervision). Today's website is courtesy of the Education Group of the Space Telescope Science Institute that promotes "the science and majestic beauty of the universe to the education community."
Description:When you get to the homepage, you will see an icon menu and a regular menu to the right of it. Use either one to explore this site that includes:
  • Online Explorations -- Interactive games and activities about an array of topics including: the history of telescopes from Galileo to modern observatories; the force of gravity; planning a Hubble servicing mission; comet facts, myths, & legends; black holes and more!

  • The Star Witness -- An online newsletter that features the latest news about the Hubble telescope.

  • Educators -- Check out the "Resources" that provide an overview of what you'll find at this website along with recommendations on how to further the learning.
Then at the bottom under "Features", check out:
  • Tonight's Sky -- Watch a video about what you can expect to see in the current night sky. An incredible aid for finding constellations, deep sky objects, planets, and celestial events from your own backyard.

  • Homework Help -- Not just help, but suggestions for educational research projects about all aspects of space along with interesting facts and trivia.
You say you want more?

Then visit the parent HubbleSite at Here are just some of the activities you'll find:
  • Get directions for how to build a model Hubble Telescope.

  • Listen to podcasts about recent space discoveries!

  • Watch a fascinating video presentation about the increasing accuracy of telescopes within the past century!

  • Explore Astronomy -- In this section you can take a "Way Out" Quiz and see how far the cow goes after he makes it over the moon; tons of fun, and if you play the entire game, you can register in a drawing to win a prize! You can also play an exciting game called "Black Holes, Gravity's Relentless Pull!" Watch a video presentation of what happens when galaxies collide.
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