AMAZING Free Science Videos, Slide Shows, and More

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Resource:AMAZING Free Science Videos, Slide Shows, and More
Summary:Here's a site that you will really enjoy! There are quizzes, photos, videos and strange scientific news that'll keep even the most science-averse interested
Description:This is one of the best multi-media websites combining science and entertainment that I've seen. It is sponsored by Imaginova, a company that creates video and software for advertiser-supported educational and entertainment content websites such as LiveScience,, and They take science topics and give them an entertaining spin to engage learners of all ages.

When you get to the site you can view:

-Featured Stories and Presentations including the "Editor's Choice."

-Explore the Image Galleries & Videos on topics from Dolphins to Micromachines.

-Check Out The Top 10 - for example, the Top 10 Poisonous Plants, Worst Hereditary Conditions, Unexplained Phenomena, etc.

-Examine Life's Little Mysteries answering questions such as, "Can salt water fish live in fresh water?" or "Why do drops of liquid form spheres in space?"

-Trivia & Quizzes - Test your knowledge of everything from who invented zippers to the world records in climate extremes.

Click on one item from the menu and a new page opens leading to a stunning array of educational material. For example, from the homepage, click on one of the featured science stories, such as "Birds Act Like Grandparents." A new page opens where you can watch a narrated video presentation. There is also an article to read, and below that there are links to another video about birds, a bird image gallery, and an entire sub-website about birds filled with articles, images, slide-shows, videos and more!

This one gets an Award for Excellence! It's a great resource that will enhance any study of science. Bookmark it, as you'll want to return often.
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