Free: Math with Egyptian Hieroglyphs!

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Resource:Free: Math with Egyptian Hieroglyphs!
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Summary:Age Range: 8-16 (varies by website, with parental supervision). This terrific blog (by a homeschool mom) offers a series of free math challenges using hieroglyphs.
Description:Designed for younger students (about 8-14), you'll find several links to resources that include

• Hieroglyphic Addition & Subtraction -This downloadable and printable pdf offers a few fun math problems in hieroglyphs for kids.
• Ten Hieroglyphs Lessons - Learn more about hieroglyphs with ten free lessons including a lesson on "Numbers and Dates."

From the main page, you can click on links to these other fun math activities too -

• The Secret of the Pharaoh’s Treasure
• The Mysterious Temporal Freeze
• The Secret of Egyptian Fractions
• The Puzzling Pythagorean Pebbles

Want more? Explore this website...

Eyelid Productions: Ancient Egyptian Number Hieroglyphs

This commercial and ad-supported website is a treasure trove of Ancient Egyptian history that contains a small section devoted to number hieroglyphs complete with a few math problems you can solve using hieroglyphs. It's geared for ages 10-16, and offers a fun way to learn a little math and history. Be sure to explore the rest of this site that includes information on pyramids, temples, kings and queens, mummification, etc.
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