Sea History for Kids

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Resource:Sea History for Kids
Provider:National Maritime Historical Society
Summary:Age Range: All (All grades; children with parental supervision). Set sail on an adventure to discover the history of the sea with this website from the National Maritime Historical Society.
Description:Using the colorful icons at the top of the page, visitors can explore:
  • Animals Learn about all kinds of animals and historical stories about them.

  • People Discover sailors, pirates, explorers, and more.

  • Vessels Have a look at the vessels of the sea past and present and much more.

  • Archaeology Dig into nautical archaeology.

  • Careers Explore a variety of occupations related to the sea.

  • Marine Art - Learn about artists and sculptors whose works focus on sea life

  • Discover More Dive into the language of the sailors of yesterday, explore navigational tools, discover the science and art of the sea, and much more.
Each topic provides colorful images, interesting text and a "Did You Know?" section for further investigation.

Older students and adults will also find a lot more maritime history by selecting the home icon at the top of any page. Hover over the "Resources" link on the main menu to research a vessel, learn about historic ships, browse the Sea History site index, see marine art in their store, and discover links to other maritime image collections.

This site will enrich your American history studies by allowing students to more deeply examine how the seas have played a part in our history.
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