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Summary:Age Range: 6-18 (Grades 1-12, with parental supervision). This National Weather Service website with extensive content and free lessons is designed to help everyone learn the science of weather.
Description:When you get to the site you’ll see a satellite picture featuring an aspect of weather somewhere in the world. Read the brief introduction and then use the menu to explore:

  • The Atmosphere – Learn about radio signals, air mass, air pressure, and air flow. Make your own barometer. Find out about Earth’s water cycle.

  • The Ocean – Taste the salinities of various bodies of water around the world. Make homemade ice cream and ocean currents. See the differences in the light and dark sides of the “moon”.

  • Global Weather – Discover the seasons. Calculate the circumference of the earth. Demonstrate that convection is the original source for our wind.

  • Synoptic Meteorology – Learn about types of clouds. Watch rain drops grow by coalescence. Determine the location of cold and warm fronts.

  • Thunderstorms – How much water is in a cloud? Find out about updrafts and the effect on rain and hail. Estimate the size of hail.

  • Lightning – Determine the distance to a lightning strike.

  • Tropical Weather – Learn about the extent of winds in quadrants around a hurricane.

  • And more

Click on any topic and follow the lesson plans in the order they are presented or use the “Lesson Plan Overview” link on the top menu to access a specific area of interest. In that section, there are links to downloads and quizzes as well.

Also, explore the “Topic Matrix” that provides a great view of the topics covered including Doppler radar and much more!

The information contained in JetStream can be used in the way that suits you best. This is a terrific resource – bookmark it and return often!
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