The Bubonic Plague & Nursery Rhymes

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Resource:The Bubonic Plague & Nursery Rhymes
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Summary:Age Range: All (with parental supervision) This website offers the fascinating and surprising history of nursery rhymes. Did someone actually put their baby on a tree top? Why sing about Jack and Jill getting hurt? Did horses really attempt to reassemble Humpty Dumpty? Did someone named Peter actually eat a pumpkin and then lock his wife inside the shell?
Description:On this informative, ad-supported website, read about all your old favorites, and perhaps discover a few new ones. As a bonus, you'll learn surprising things about the history of England and its neighboring countries too.

For example, did you know that the Bubonic Plague and its symptoms were parodied in "Ring around the Rosy"? Or that "Boston" was named after someone called Saint Botolph?

Many of the featured rhymes have more than one history, which just makes them all the more fun. You get to pick which one you'd like to believe! (Some of them are so old, it's difficult to be certain of their true origin.)

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