A Virtual Mad Scientist's Lab for All Ages

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Resource:A Virtual Mad Scientist's Lab for All Ages
Provider:Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab
Summary:An archive of fun and fascinating science experiments that will bring out the "mad scientist" in everyone
Description:There's something for everyone here - young children and non-readers will need assistance and supervision.

When you get to the site, you'll see a brief welcome message and some featured experiments below it. You can jump right in and start clicking around on topics of interest, or use the menus at the top of the screen or on the left side of the screen to navigate the site.

To get right to the heart of the site, click on EXPERIMENTS. A new page opens that allows you to search for experiments by name, category, popularity, and level of difficulty for the following topics:

*Chemical Reactions

Click on an experiment and a new page opens with a complete description of the experiment, instructions on how to conduct it, and a list of the materials you will need. You also get an explanation of the scientific principles that govern the experiment.

From the traditional experiments of science fairs such as making a volcano or a lemon battery, to more unusual projects like making a cloud in a bottle or starting a fire with water - your whole family will have fun learning from the science activities at this site.

Look for hidden science tips throughout the site by clicking on icons and images on various pages.

Don't miss the "Fun Stuff" section where you will find puzzles, a contest, fun activities using encrypted messages, games, and a science pop quiz.

Bookmark this site for access to science curricula year 'round!

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