Pond Scum Science

Reviewed by Diane Flynn Keith
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Resource:Pond Scum Science
Provider:Ron's Pond Scum
Summary:This website that provides a virtual exploration of the critters living in pond scum
Description:When you get to the site, simply click on the links in the text to see remarkable photographs and learn about protozoan, paramecium, actinopods, vorticella, anchor worms, fly larvae, amoeba, water mites, algae, and other single-celled and multi-celled oddities.

All of this comes to you courtesy of a retired Computer Systems Analyst named Ron DeAngelis who lives with his wife in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I contacted Ron and learned that several years ago, he set up an outdoor fish pond and became interested in micro pond life. He bought a good microscope and when he discovered he could take excellent pictures with a digital camera, "Ron's Pond Scum" was born!

Ron told me that he gets emails from students all over the world, as well as from frustrated parents who confide that without Ron's website, their child would never have finished his or her science project.

Ron has two grown children. One daughter has a Master's in Bio-Chemistry and another daughter is graduating in May with a BS in Biology. He wrote, "I guess some of the pond scum in my genes found its way to theirs."

Ron's Pond Scum is a terrific way to explore the life teaming in pond water without getting wet. It's a great supplement to any science curriculum.

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