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Reviewed by Diane Flynn Keith
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Resource:Free Math & Multi-Subject Worksheets
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Summary:ClickScholar Cie, who has recommended numerous websites for ClickSchooling reviews (let's hear it for Cie!), wrote, "This site has an excellent selection of free worksheets that can be used to study and/or to test, and covers any number of subjects."
Description:I've seen countless worksheet websites, but this is one of the best by far. When you get to the site, you will find an array of free, printable math worksheets for:

• Addition
• Counting Money
• Decimals
• Division
• Geometry
• Graphing
• Fractions
• Multiplication
• Place Value
• Radius & Diameter
• Rounding
• Subtraction
• Symmetry
• Telling Time
• Word Problems

Click on any topic and a new page opens with an extensive menu of printable worksheets to choose from on that topic for a wide range of ability levels.

When you are through exploring the math section, check out the free worksheets for:

• Reading and Writing
• Grammar and Phonics
• Spelling
• Puzzles & Brain Teasers
• Holidays
• Science & Social Studies

Plus you'll find a teacher tools section with free printable award certificates, sticker charts, and even an archive of report card comments. (As a homeschooler that last one cracked me up. As the site explains, "Save lots of time by simply inserting student’s name into the comment that most accurately describes your students' achievement." LOL. Then, I got to thinking that for those who need to speak "educationese" to satisfy state standards, this might be very helpful indeed. Check it out!)

This is a commercial website that sells books of worksheets and other teaching tools, but you don't have to purchase a thing to access the hundreds of free resources.

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