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Resource:Audrey Wood Clubhouse
Provider:The Audrey Wood Clubhouse
Summary:Age Range: 5 to Infinity and Beyond (non-readers will need assistance)
This is a terrific site for parents and children who are fans of the children's authors and illustrators, Audrey Wood and Don Wood (they wrote and illustrated "The Napping House,""Elbert's Bad Word,""Weird Parents," and so many more.)
Description:When you get to the site, use the menu to explore:

*Audrey Wood - Read her biography, see her picture, find out some of her writing secrets.

*Don Wood - Read his biography, see photos, and gain some insight about his illustrations.

*Meet the Artists - Read all about the artists who have illustrated Audrey Wood's books -- including her son, Bruce Wood!

*Parent & Teachers - Get reading suggestions from the author on her best books for boys, girls, and for dealing with
particular problems; read hints for writing, illustrating and publishing children's books; read the FAQ's, and check out the
links to other sites.

*Activities - Find fun activities based on the books and lots of printable coloring pages.

This site is really interesting and fun to explore - especially because of the family aspect of the lives and work of Audrey and Don Wood. Don't forget to sign up for their free e-newsletter that will keep you up-to-date on their latest books and public events.
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