Presidents' Day Resources for your Classroom

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Resource:Presidents' Day Resources for your Classroom
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Summary:All Grades, with parental participation and supervision. We did some digging around the internet and found a few math activities themed around Presidents' Day, but thought you'd also enjoy a variety of resources to help your family learn while celebrating.
Description:While some of these websites require a paid membership to access the majority of their worksheets, you will find a few free samples for use in your classroom

And here are some more Presidents' Day resources:

The White House

This is a great source for fun and educational facts on U.S. Presidents that will appeal to all ages. It's housed at the official White House website. When you get to the site simply click on the president's name -- #1 - #45.

The White House Historical Association

Here there are over 30 free "classroom resource packets" all related to the White House that you can download.

Homeschool Helper

Get a free unit study on George Washington along with links to other Presidents' Day resources, printables, and crafts. While you're there, use the menu to check out their free unit studies on every subject.


This terrific site offers free coloring pages and craft activities that are appropriate for ages 3-12. For Presidents' Day, you'll find an assortment of coloring pages, some toilet paper roll crafts, and even instructions to make a milk-carton log cabin.

Happy Presidents' Day!
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