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Summary:Age Range: All (All grades; children with parental supervision). This official tourism site for Alaska provides a glimpse into the splendor and beauty of the state.
Description:When arriving at the link, hover over “Get Inspired” in the upper menu to view the options. Select “Photo Gallery” to browse images in the following gallery categories to see the beauty of this state and much more:
  • Alaska's Natural Beauty
  • Alaska's Wildlife
  • Alaskan Culture
  • Adventure & Ecotourism
  • The Alaskan Coast
After you have finished enjoying the photos, select the “Video Gallery” tab to see videos that share the many adventures that can be had when traveling to Alaska.

Select the “Maps + Places to Go” link in the upper toolbar to learn about locations around Alaska. Discover the 5 different regions of Alaska and explore the cities and towns in those regions. Visitors can also learn about the parks and public lands that provide adventure at every turn.

If you are lucky enough to be able to take a trip to our 49th state, check out the information available under the other links in the toolbar to aid in planning your trip.

While many of us may never have the opportunity to visit Alaska, this website provides a window into its wonder and splendor.
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