USGS Earthquakes for Kids

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Resource:USGS Earthquakes for Kids
Provider:United States Geological Survey
Summary:Today's site helps kids learn all about earthquakes
Description:Sponsored by the United States Geological Survey (USGS), it offers a multi-media exploration of earthquake history, animations, project ideas and a lot more.

When you get to the site simply use the icon menu to explore:

*Latest Quakes - See a map depicting where earthquakes have occurred worldwide over the past 7 days.

*Learning Links and Earthquake Activities - DO NOT MISS the "Essentials of Geology Animations." Watch amazing animations of the Doppler Effect, Solar System Formation, Magnetic Reversals, Mineral Growth, Types of Faults, Seismic Motion and more!
And if you like these you'll also like...

*Animations - Watch terrific video animations of Amplification; A Blind Thrust Fault; Foreshocks, Mainshocks & Afterfaults; Liquefaction and much more!

*Become An Earthquake Scientist - Learn what it takes to be a Geophysicist and find out what they do all day.

*Cool Earthquake Facts - Learn fascinating trivia and tidbits about earthquakes.

*Earthquake ABC - This provides a good introduction to earthquakes for children along with safety tips and info for parents and teachers.

*Puzzles & Games - Print out free coloring pages and compare the difference between a 5.8 and 8.7 magnitude quake. (Note: Some of the links to crossword puzzles and quizzes here result in an error message.)

The activities on this website are designed for varying grade levels. To find out which ones are best suited for your student click on "For Students" on the menu bar on the left side of your screen. That page opens to a menu bar divided by school level from elementary through college. Click on any one and a new page opens that sorts the activities and lesson plans by grade level.
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