Virtual Field Trip to USS Pampanito Submarine

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Resource:Virtual Field Trip to USS Pampanito Submarine
Provider:USS Pampanito Virtual Tour
Summary:ClickScholar MC recommended this website, sponsored by the San Francisco Maritime Museum, that provides a free virtual tour of the USS Pampanito, a WW II submarine
Description:I was excited to see this, because our family enjoyed a live tour of the Pampanito that is moored near Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. My sons (who were about 8 and 10 at the time) thought the submarine was "so cool." :)

Pampanito was built in 1943 as part of the U.S. Navy fleet of submarines that were instrumental in the Allied victory in the Pacific during World War II. U.S. submarines controlled shipping lanes, gathered intelligence, and carried out special missions. Today, Pampanito serves as a museum and a memorial to the submarine service of the U.S. Navy.

This online tour provides a glimpse of what life was like for the sailors aboard the vessel. It will also enable you to visit some compartments that are not safely accessible on the "live" tours because of the vertical ladders and confined space.

When you get to the website read the introduction. Then just follow the instructions to take a virtual tour of the sub including the:

*Main Deck Aft
*Torpedo Room
*Motor Room
*Forward Engine Room
*Crew's Mess and Galley
*Radio Room
*Control Room
*Pump Room
~ and more!
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