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Resource:Apple Science
Summary:Age Range: 2-18 and beyond (Note: Each site has something that will appeal to members of the whole family: children with parental supervision. Grade levels are indicated at the sites with curriculum or lesson plans.)

Johnny Appleseed’s birthday was this past Saturday, September 26th. This got us thinking about learning activities themed around apples. Today’s focus is on science, but this review has just about everything you want to know about apples including apple-themed science experiments, apples projects and lesson plans and even a biography of Johnny Appleseed!
Description:Apple Science

Here’s a site, created by a classroom teacher that offers 3 simple and interesting science activities you can do at home with apples. It includes complete instructions for a memory and art lesson with apples, growing apple seed sprouts, and determining if slices of apples will sink or swim.

Apples & More

Do you love Unit Studies? If so, you’re going to love this site. The University of Illinois offers the granddaddy of apple websites with more information about apples than anyone could possibly want to know. It includes history and legends about apples, apple facts, how to grow apples, the varieties of apples, recipes, where to find u-pick apple orchards and apple festivals, and two sections homeschoolers will especially enjoy called “Apple Education” and “Apple Fun.”

When you get to the site click on “Apple Education” on the menu and a new page opens with information about the life cycle of apples, as well as apple-themed activities that cover social studies, literature, math, science and writing for many grade levels! No kidding! Then, click on “Apple Fun” for links to websites with apple puzzles, word searches, coloring books, art projects, and much more.

Johnny Appleseed: Fact vs. Legend

This site provides an accurate account of what is known about the life of John Chapman aka Johnny Appleseed for kids. Be certain to click on the menu to explore a variety of activities, games, puzzles, recipes and kitchen experiments.
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