Life for Beginners: Plants

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Grades PreK-Adult

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Easy, hands-on activities make learning fun, and the focus on biblical creation helps establish children in a solid, life-long faith!

  • Plants for Beginners - Explore the amazing variety of plants that God created! Children love learning about the parts of plants and flowers and how plants get energy and grow.
  • The Human Body for Beginners - Discover the human body is an incredibly complex wonder! Students focus on the amazing functions of each system and understand that they are created in God's image.
  • Animals for Beginners - Adventure into the animal kingdom God created! How animals are designed to be unique, from cuddly mammals and slimy frogs, to jellyfish, butterflies, and bacteria.

A complete life science curriculum for K-2nd graders. The lessons feature beautiful color pictures, age-appropriate activities, worksheets, Scripture learning, writing practice, and more. Fun and easy-to-use, the God's Design Series - for Beginners curriculum is ideal for anyone who wants their children to understand creation from a solidly biblical basis.

ISBN#: 9781683441670