Map Trek: Set (Atlas & Outlines)

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Grades PreK-Adult

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The Map Trek Set includes an atlas of historical maps from Creation to the present and a book of student activities. This is a resource any parent or teacher can easily use while teaching history or geography with brilliant success. Students of every age will benefit from the full-color maps and outlines.

Map Trek includes over 200 full-color maps, divided into four periods of time: Ancient World, Medieval World, New World, and Modern World. There is a comprehensive table of contents to help you find exactly what you need and a detailed glossary of terms.

This highly useful map book for home educators was created for those who say they want:

  • Historical maps that navigate through history
  • Accurate maps that show the world THEN and NOW
  • High resolution maps
  • Blank maps on perforated pages

The Map Trek Set is designed to help your students:

  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Understand a large amount of information presented in a compact form
  • Increase interest and engagement with the material, whether teacher-led or independent study
  • Quickly make connections between what they have read and its impact in the real world
  • Learn to use spatial skills in relation to scale and distance
  • Process mental mapping and visualization skills

Use the Map Trek Set (Atlas and Outlines) with any Master Books geography or history course including:

  • My Story Series
  • America's Story Series
  • Elementary History: You Report!
  • The World's Story Series
  • A Child's Geography Series
  • Stobaugh's American & World History Series

Bundle Includes:

  • 1 x Map Trek: Atlas
  • 1 x Map Trek: Outlines (Student Activities)

ISBN#: 9781683443131