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Many children struggle to connect their math classes to the real world. Are you already hearing the age-old retort: “we’ll never use this in real life”? Did you say it yourself when you were in school? MEL Math is a new product from MEL Science that can help your young kids dissolve the boundary between theory and practice, giving them practical outlets for their math studies by clearly demonstrating where math concepts are relevant to real life.

Choose a month-to-month subscription and Get your box for only $29.90 or receive an equivalent discount on an annual subscription to MEL Math.

Product Details

MEL Math is a great option for anyone who’s noticed that their kids just don’t seem to see the point to math. Just because we do have a calculator in our pocket everywhere we go doesn’t mean we don’t need to know what exactly we’re doing with it and why.

Each monthly kit includes

  • Fun Math experiments
  • Kevin Lieber, a science blogger (Vsauce2), will help your kids understand complicated math topics making learning math fun and accessible for all
  • Step-by-step video guides in one app
Topics covered include:

  • The art of math (curves)
  • How to never lose (statistics)
  • Fighting Chance - Math vs deception
  • Explorer's Math (measurements)
  • BridgeCraft (architect)
  • What's bigger than infinity? (infinity)
  • Heroes of Math & Magic (topology)


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