Florida 2023 Homeschool Conference & Secular Book Fair

Florida 2023 Homeschool Conference & Secular Book Fair
Event Title:Florida 2023 Homeschool Conference & Secular Book Fair
Start Date:05-17-2023
End Date:05-17-2023
About the Event:The Florida Homeschool Association welcomes Floridians to our annual statewide homeschool conference and secular book fair! We've packed everything you need into one day of learning, shopping, information, and support. Parents will gain confidence as they begin or continue a Florida home education program. Attendees have all-day access to our giant exhibit area, to preview and purchase the curriculum and other instructional materials they need for the upcoming homeschool year.
About the Sponsor:The Florida Homeschool Association (FLHSA) was founded as a way to support modern homeschool families during a time of expansive growth and emerging needs. We help welcome new families to home education by offering friendly, safe places to ask questions and by providing factual information and real support. Our members may choose to expand access to our resources by subscribing to our membership portal, where we offer advanced levels of training and interaction with our experts. Inside our forums, and across all of our offerings and events, we are committed to academic freedom, supporting excellence and rigor, recognizing emerging trends as they impact home education, and delivering the most current information our ever-changing membership requires. A secular inclusive community, we invite all Florida families to link arms, as we share common goals in supporting our children, and leading them toward happy and successful futures.
City:Daytona Beach
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