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Description:This is a $500 scholarship. It is not based on merit, academics, or financial need. It runs every January 31 and July 31.

The OP Loftbed $500 Scholarship Award is awarded by the OP Loftbed Company to a student whom the judges feel provided the most interesting answers to a set of questions. Unlike many other scholarships, we don't want to discriminate based on your GPA, writing skill, involvement in community or service organizations, or other similar criteria to which many students just don't measure up.

We don't ask the traditional scholarship type questions because we want our applicants and our judges to have fun. We want to make you think. We want to make you evaluate yourself. We want to see how creative you are.

Step 1 - Read the Scholarship Rules

Step 2 - Read the Application Instructions

Step 3 - Complete the Scholarship Application

Step 4 - Check your answers and submit your application

Please see website for more information and application.
Sponsor:OP Loftbed
Sponsor's Goals:
Total # of Prizes:1
Low Prize:
Top Prize:$500.00
Applies To:
For Residents of:
Other Requirements:Applicant must be a citizen of the United States of America. (Permanent residents who are not citizens are NOT Eligible.)

Applicant must plan to be a full or part-time student at an accredited college, university, or trade school in the United States of America. (To find out if your school is accredited, contact the school in question, not us.)

Applicant must have a mailing address in the United States of America. The school the applicant will be attending must have offices and a mailing address in the United States of America. (Funds will not be disbursed outside of the United States.) The applicant doesn't need to be attending a campus on U.S. soil, however.

Applications will only be accepted when submitted through our online application. Mailed, faxed, or emailed applications will not be read, considered, acknowledged, or returned.

All answers must be submitted in English. Answers in other languages will not be read or considered.

All information fields on the application must be completed. The online application can not be submitted if it is incomplete.
Applicants should not mail us transcripts or other information unless they have been contacted as a winner and the information has been specifically requested. Unsolicited information will be discarded and not kept on file.

Applications with any answer except "OP Loftbed" for question #4 will be disqualified. Read the Application Instructions for more information on this. This proves to us that you read both the rules and instructions.

The name of the winner, the winner's major, the name of the winner's school, and his or her answers will posted on the OP Loftbed web site at after the scholarship has been awarded. When we notify the winner, we will request a picture of the winner to be include when we publish his or her responses.

All answers submitted become the property of OP Loftbed Company and may be used to advertise the OP Loftbed Scholarship Award, or in any other endeavor in which the OP Loftbed Company deems appropriate. By submitting your scholarship award application, you are forfeiting any and all rights to the answers you submitted.

We greatly value your privacy. Your contact information will not be shared with, or sold to, other companies or organizations. An abbreviated form of your name and location may be used with your answers in advertising and promoting the OP Loftbed Scholarship Award, or anywhere else your answers may be published. (e.g. Ricky S., High Point, NC; R. Steele, North Carolina).

Only one submission per applicant is allowed. Duplicate and incomplete submissions will not be considered. You will not be allowed to change or edit information once your application has been submitted. (This includes contact information. If you think your contact information will change before the award is given, you may want to wait before submitting your answers.) Make sure everything is accurate and complete before clicking on the "Submit Scholarship Application" button.

We cannot manually confirm the receipt of any particular application. Your only confirmation will be the confirmation screen you see at the end of the application. When you submit your application a copy of your answers will be emailed to the email address provided. It is your responsibility to ensure you receive email from We are not responsible for email dropped by your ISP, flagged as junk mail, lost in transit, etc...)

At least one $500 award will be given. Depending on company revenues as of award time, there could potentially be more than one $500 scholarship award given.

No purchase necessary to win.
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