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Pixton Comics Inc.

Grades K-12

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Learning shouldn't be boring! Comics are a powerful tool for promoting student engagement and literacy. Making comics with Pixton allows students to process text and image together leading to better recall and transfer of learning. Pixton helps students of all ages and abilities express their ideas more effectively in any subject. No drawing skills are required.

This annual subscription provides one (1)family access to Pixton for one (1) year.

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Pixton is an essential tool for the classroom that enables learners to develop writing and critical thinking skills while encouraging creativity. Making comics forces students into creating logical sequences. They show what they know using words, actions, emotions, and expressions. Recreate scenes from historical events or social movements, go inside the human body, or apply math and economic concepts. Pixton Comics engages students on every level, making learning fun for everyone.


  • 150+ Content Packs - Themed packs of backgrounds, characters, outfits, facial expressions, actions and more for use in the Pixton comic maker. Includes content for a wide range of topics including A Wrinkle in Time, Ancient Aztecs, Bridge to Terabithia, Ancient Greece, Skeletal Systems, and many more, covering literature, time periods, and science themes.
  • 4000+ Backgrounds, characters, outfits, props, poses, and expressions.
  • 200+ Pre-made Lesson Ideas -Ideas for using comics for teaching and learning.
  • 100+ Story Starters to help get the creative juices flowing. Fun writing prompts for every grade, objective, and subject.
  • Printing, downloading, and sharing comics - Printable resources for various activities - visualize, plan, and create! Includes Graphic organizers, student labels, and templates.
  • Interactive Rubric - Fun self assessment made easy.


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