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Contest / ScholarshipPolice Corps: Non-Competitive Scholarship for Children of Slain Officer
Type:Law Enforcement
Description:This is a noncompetitive award of up to $3750 per year of college (all applicants fulfilling requirements will receive it).

The Police Corps was created to help address violent crime by increasing the number of officers with advanced education and training who are assigned to community patrol. The central component of the Police Corps is the provision of financial assistance and basic police training to college students who agree to serve as officers for four years, along with financial assistance to participating police departments and sheriff's offices. A second component offers no-obligation college scholarships to children of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.

If a local, state or Federal law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty after the state in which he or she serves joins the Police Corps, his or her dependent children may be eligible for college scholarships. To be considered "dependent," at the time of the parent's death the student must be under 21 or be receiving more than one-half of his/her financial support from his/her parents.

Eligible dependent children receive up to $3,750 per year to cover educational expenses for the current academic year. Dependents may pursue any course of study at any accredited institution of higher education. Allowable educational expenses include tuition, fees, required books, and transportation between home and school. Full-time students also may claim reasonable expenses for room and board.

A student may receive up to $15,000 under the program. The application process for dependent child scholarships is non-competitive. Interested dependents should contact the "lead agency" of the state in which their parent served. A brief application form must be completed.

The following states participate in the Police Corps
Since August 1996

Arkansas Maryland Nevada
North Carolina Oregon South Carolina

Since April 1997
Connecticut Georgia Indiana
Kentucky Michigan Mississippi
Missouri Ohio Texas

Since September 1998
Colorado Florida Illinois
Massachusetts Oklahoma Utah
Virgin Islands Washington

Since August 1999
Idaho Wisconsin

Since July 2000 October 2000 November 2000
Minnesota Alaska & Arizona Virginia
Sponsor:Police Corps
Sponsor's Goals:
Total # of Prizes:
Low Prize:$3,750.00
Top Prize:$15,000.00
Applies To:Police
For Residents of:U.S.
Other Requirements:Student applying is surviving child of officer who was member of the Police Corps (please check website for states participating in Police Corps) who died while surviving child was a dependent. These dependents may pursue ANY course of study at any accredited institution of higher education.

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