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Rock by Rock is a highly engaging hybrid learning platform that provides a library of real world interdisciplinary project-based learning resources. Each project develops literacy and STEAM content and skills through a series of self-directed online lessons and hands-on projects and activities. Kids have fun learning science by applying what they have learned to make a real difference in their lives, their communities and in our world.

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Product Details

Rock by Rock can replace your science curriculum or supplement your existing literacy units with project based learning. Every project focuses on a real world mission, develops student background knowledge on the challenge and culminates in a take-action project. Students also learn about an explicit life habit (i.e. curiosity, empathy, creativity etc…) throughout the project and reflect on how they will continue to practice that habit beyond this topic.

Topics include:

  • K-2: Endangered Species
  • K-2: Science for Good
  • K-2: Taking Care of our Earth
  • K-2: The Art of Sound & Light
  • K-2: Sleep Inventions
  • K-2: From Trash to Treasure
  • 3-5: Eco-Changemakers
  • 3-5: Should We?
  • 3-5: Climate Changers
  • 3-5: Plastic, Plastic Everywhere
  • 3-5: Bugs for Lunch?


  • Interactive sequence of online lessons
  • Hands-on Activities
  • Take Action Projects
  • Literacy Lessons and Vocabulary activities
  • Student notebook
  • Educator's Guide
  • Materials List


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