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Thinkwell's online video courses feature engaging lessons from award-winning professors, along with automatically graded exercises and more. It's like having a world-class university professor right by your side.

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Thinkwell's Honors Microeconomics is a college-level course taught by Professor Steven Tomlinson, one of America's most talented professors, and it's a fantastic way to learn about the complicated exchanges of goods and services that we deal with every day. Thinkwell's Honors Microeconomics follows a syllabus typically taught in a one-semester college level course.

Combined with Honors Macroeconomics , Honors Microeconomics completes a one-year curriculum. Our Honors Economics course is simply a combination of both Honors Microeconomics and Honors Macroeconomics.

Subscription includes:

  • 131 engaging 5-20 minute lesson videos

  • Detailed, 31-week lesson plan and schedule

  • Automatically graded practice and chapter tests

  • Concise, illustrated color course study notes for each topic

When you purchase Thinkwell, you will receive a subscription code for this course. You will later register with that code at the Thinkwell website for no additional charge. At that time, you will have the opportunity to purchase optional supplemental materials directly from Thinkwell.


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