Please read this FAQ page carefully before contacting the Club.
What are the System Requirements?

Exploros is a web platform. It requires an Internet connection of at least 5Mbps per user and support two latest versions of the following browsers: Chrome, Safari. Supported OS: Chromebook (two latest versions), iOS (two latest versions), Mac OS X (10.7+), Windows (7+)

Is there an app for Wordly Wise i3000 Online?

No, there is no app needed for Wordly Wise i3000. However it is compatible with iPads (2 or greater, running iOS9+).

Does Wordly Wise i3000 have audio?

There is no built in audio (playback) but some have downloaded the Google CHROME add-on (text to speech) as a work around.

How many Wordly Wise i3000 sessions per week is recommended, and how many minutes per session?

Wordly Wise i3000 can be implemented to suit a variety of needs. We recommend, however, that this program be used 35 times per week in 1525 minute sessions.

Can students be assigned a lesson in Wordly Wise i3000 and left to work independently on their device?

Wordly Wise i3000 is designed primarily as a teacher-led instructional program. Once a lesson has been assigned to a class, students may progress through each scene at their own pace. Teachers may choose to try to keep student pacing aligned to allow for instructional input and review as they monitor results to see which vocabulary requires additional support. Review the Pacing Guide published on your "My Subscriptions" page for additional information.

Can students skip any scenes?

Once a lesson is assigned, students move through the lesson by completing each scene in order, while working at their own pace.

How do I print reports or any other Wordly Wise i3000 material?

For any page, including word lists and reports, you may use your browser to print. Within your active browser, choose Print from the File menu. Or, right click on any page and choose Print from the menu. When opened, passages and other PDFs in the Pack show a print icon that you may select for printing. If your iPad is connected to a printer, you may print from the iPad by tapping the share icon in the browser and then tapping the printer icon.

How do I progress monitor my students?

Wordly Wise i3000 offers ongoing insight into student performance by capturing formative data, including how the individual students assess themselves on the Rate Your Word Knowledge activity, if they have completed their review of the word lists, and how the individuals perform on each activity of every assigned lesson.

How do I preview a lesson test before students begin the test?

Once a lesson test has been assigned, enter the test, choose Activity at the bottom of the screen, and then click View in the blue box. You can now view the test as a student would. Each question appears individually on its own page; press Next on the bottom right to progress through the questions.

Can my student skip the Drawing scene within his or her lesson?

Scenes cannot be skipped or excluded in a lesson; however, on the drawing scene, the user simply has to click "Share" and the next scene becomes available. Nothing needs to be drawn, or uploaded for the Share button to be active.

How do I prevent students' screens from going to sleep mode?

To prevent your student devices from going to sleep mode during teacher instruction time, you should extend the screen auto-lock time to 15 minutes or longer.

How can I assess my students' vocabulary progress?

Levels 2 and 3 have periodic cumulative tests throughout the levels. Levels 412 each have a midterm test after Lesson 10. These tests are separate experiences that are assigned to classes in the same way as the lessons. Each level also has a final test, the results of which offer details of students' performance with the level's vocabulary.

Is there a text-to-speech function available in the program?

Each vocabulary word in a lesson's word list is linked to its corresponding entry on, which has a read-aloud function for words and definitions. When students are directed to use, the Flashcards, and other modes also have a read-aloud function for words and definitions. For any other text-to-speech need in Wordly Wise i3000, you may use the speech function of your Safari or Chrome browser. There are two ways to do this. Highlight the relevant text, right click, and select Speech. Or, you may highlight the relevant text and then select Speech from the browser's Edit menu. You might also install a browser extension that meets your needs. Watch this video explaining the process of adding an extension for Chrome's SpeakIt.

Are the Quizlet activities a required part of Wordly Wise i3000 lessons?

Quizlet is not a required part of Wordly Wise i3000. It is an optional way to further enhance the rich learning experience with vocabulary that Wordly Wise i3000 already provides. Within the Quizlet experience, students can practice and master Wordly Wise vocabulary with interactive games, flashcards, and other study activities which build on the various extra practice, review, and reinforcement activities the students already receive through Wordly Wise i3000.

Whom should I contact with any questions or tech support issues for Wordly Wise i3000?

The Club has full responsibility to assist you with Wordly Wise i3000. You can submit your question at the Contact Us page.